The unique Don terroir

Khutor Vedernikov where vineyards of the winery are located, is situated in the right bank area on the higher bank of the river Don in Konstantinovsky region 160 km far from Rostov-on-Don.
A relatively narrow strip of the right bank of the river Don covers steep coastal slopes and the adjacent steppe.
The cossacks grew grapes mainly on the slopes descending to the river Don. In the 20th century grape industry moved over into the plain.


The climate of the Don Valley which covers 460 km from Rostov in the east up to Tsimlyansk Reservoir in the west is challenging for viniculture. It is very hot and dry here in summer, and winters are so severe that the vine must be covered underground and a vegetation period is very short. The temperature difference during the day and at night in August is often up to 20 ºС.

Covered viticulture

Covered viticulture is a very laborious and expensive business which can be found only in a few regions of the world. The main obstacle for growing grapes in the Don region is severe and longlasting winter frosts because if the vine is exposed to temperatures -20ºC and below for at most two days it will die. However, the reason to grow grapes where it is cold is huge, because in extreme conditions the most interesting wines are obtained.

160 ha
Grape planting area
are covered vineyards

Fragrant and well-balanced grapes which are necessary for the production of fine wines is usually acquired in a cool climate. The sum total of active temperatures during a vegetation period in the terroir of khutor Vedernikov ranges from 3600 to 3900 ºС which enables even the late varieties to grow ripe. Average annual rainfall is 412 mm.

Also the terroir of khutor Vedernikov is distinguished by dry windy and hot weather. It facilitates quick drainage of vineyards even after heavy rains and prevents creation of favorable conditions for development of diseases which enables to reduce a number of treatments. Their total number is 2-3 times less than in ordinary vineyards in Europe.


The soils are represented by southern black soils with a lean fertile layer.The bedding rock is clay, the parent rock is a shell plateau. The thickness of layers varies, but the overall composition is preserved. And exactly thanks to sea shell gravel plateau the wines from khutor Vedernikov get their delicate minerality. Because of the deep-lying groundwater the root system has to penetrate to a depth of more than 5 meters. However, the majority of soils is well-drained, and it enables the roots to stay perfectly preserved in any weather conditions.

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