«Vedernikov Winery» team - pioneers of Russian winemaking

Maxim Troichuk
General director of "Managing Company "Donvinprom" LLC: a managing company of "Vedernikov Winery" LLC.
He tried his hand in different roles, from a worker of the vineyard to a director. During the picking time and harvest season, from August till October, he has been controlling technological process at the winery, the rest of the time trying to ensure that as many people as possible in the country and the world appreciate the excellent wines of “Vedernikov”.
Gulbala Zeidov
The main winemaker of the branch "Vederniki" of "Millerovsky Winery" joint-stock company.
He started to learn a trade in 1974, and in 1980 he became a product engineer of wine production; at "Vedernikov" winery he has been working since its foundation date in 2004. Gulbala's wines have his forty years of experience and the knowledge gained at the wineries of France and Italy plus a kind soul of a winemaker. Thanks to his professional skills "Vedernikov" wines occupy leading positions in the country and the world. He has been awarded with honorary certificates of the Governor of Rostov Region in recognition of his services in winemaking.
Mikhail Pakhalyk
The executive director of "Vedernikov Winery" LLC.
In 2004 he started to work in a position of the chief agronomist but thanks to his creative energy and far-reaching vision was promoted to a position of a director. He participates in all processes of winegrowing. He has been awarded an honorary certificate in recognition of his services in food industry.
Valery Popov
Сhief agronomist of"Vedernikov Winery" LLC since 2008.
He knows everything about the terroir, cherishes each vine in the vineyards of the company. Because great wine begins with grapes and healthy, fragrant and tasty grapes are Valery's merit.
Vladan Nikolic
An enologist, a consultant, a winemaker, the best friend of the winery.
Thanks to his experience and innovative technologies in production our wines are decades ahead of the development of Russian winemaking.
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