The latest technologies of winemaking

For wine production "Vedernikov Winery" has been using the most up-to-date equipment of well-known manufacturers and the latest tendencies in winemaking.
The winery built in the 70s of the last century for production of mass products of low quality has been constantly modernized since 2007. Nowadays the main technological equipment is represented by brands of European manufacturers, mainly from France and Italy. Wine tank park was profoundly updated in 2016 and now allows you to solve all the problems that could arise in the production of red and white wines.
All grape varieties are harvested by hand, the substantial part is put into small plastic boxes thus providing safe transportation of the grapes to the place of grape processing. Own-rooted grapes which constitute a majority of plantings in Vedernikov have low yield, which favorably affects concentration of valuable substances in the berries. If required, the yield is controlled by means of agronomic techniques ("green harvest" and so on).
A complex technological chain essential for production of modern white wines of premium class starts with manual harvest of the grapes into the boxes and its cooling in a cooler room if it is required by weather conditions. At all stages after crushing and before fermentation skins and seeds as well as must are protected from oxidation by means of dry ice and inert gas.

Application of the most progressive oenological aids and techniques enables "Vedernikov Winery" to produce white wines on a high international level, also including a unique wine from an autochthonous Sibirkovy grape variety. Recently, the production of white wines from Rkatsiteli variety, aged in oak barrels, has also been established.
Red grape varieties which glorified the winery, first of all, the autochthonous grape varieties Krasnostop Zolotovsky and Tsimlyansky Black, are manually put into boxes which are cooled if required in a cooler room. Nowadays the equipping of the winery enables to fulfill an elaborate sorting of not only bunches but also of separate berries which provides fermentation of perfectly clean pulp in vinifiers.
The main technological procedure used in production of red wines of "Vedernikov Winery" is delestage: a technique requiring specialized tanks for its comfortable application. In 2015 vinifiers of a special design produced by Letina (Croatia) were purchased; owners of such vinification systems can be counted by the fingers of one hand.
In 2016 on Fracchiola plant in Italy a pilot batch of unique ULTRA TT vinifiers was produced. This system was constructed according to a specification made by "Vedernikov Winery" enologists and it takes into account all the accumulated experience and peculiarities of the technologies used, also including characteristic features of native grape varieties. Also in 2016 a modern basket press for red pulp was purchased.
The best wines are vatted in French oak barrels of various degrees of burning made according to a special technology by the best cooperies of France. Production of such barrels is a serious and costly process which tolerates no haste. Mature wood must stay in the open air for at least two years for tannines to ripen and moisture to be gone. Of great importance is oak species and tannine potencial of each given tree.
In production of "Vedernikov Winery" wines the most up-to-date international practices and the best oenological tools are used.  
We fully owe our high-quality product to our long-term consultant, technical specialist of Lallemand Corporation, Vladan Nikolic (Serbia) whose broadest knowledge in the field of wine microbiology, coupled with outstanding tasting abilities and human qualities, allow us to maximize the potential of our grapes.
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