Autochthonous grape varieties: a unique international heritage

Native or autochthonous are those grape varieties which originated and continue to grow in a particular area.
The largest plantings of Russian autochthonous grape varieties are situated near khutor Vedernikov. The recent research of José Vouillamoz, the biggest world's ampelography specialist and one of the authors of a fundamental work "Wine Grapes" has confirmed that Don grape varieties are genuinely autochthonous and were not brought from Europe or other parts of the world. DNA samples of Krasnostop Zolotovsky, Tsimlyansky Black and Sibirkovy were checked using the second greatest world database containing more than two thosand grape varieties from all over the world; as a result it was possible to ascertain that all three Don varieties have a unique profile coinciding with no other known grape varieties on the planet.
Krasnostop Zolotovsky
11,4 га
Krasnostop Zolotovsky is a standard-bearer of modern Russian winemaking; for the first time described and registered in the neighbourhood of the village of Starozolotovskaya and khutor Vedernikov in 1814. It does not occur outside single areas of Rostov region, however, on the wave of success of "Vedernikov Winery" aged wines, there appear plantings of Krasnostop Zolotovsky also in Krasnodar Krai. In the terroir of khutor Vedernikov Krasnostop is a low yield variety. Apart from dry climate the low yield is also determined by the fact that Krasnostop is grown on its own unproductive root. As a result, on average from one bush it is possible to obtain a volume of grapes sufficient to produce one bottle of a famous aged Krasnostop from "Vedernikov Winery".
There is no exact date when the above-mentioned grape varieties appeared in the Don region, also it is unknown if they are closely related to each other, to substantiate these facts deep expensive research will be required. But according to a fundamental academic reference book "Ampelography of the USSR", edition of 1954, the first documentary evidence of Krasnostop presence in the neighborhood of khutor Vedernikov is dated 1814. That means, this grape variety has been continuously growing here for at least 200 years.
13,2 га
Sibirkovy is "the Don answer to Sauvignon Blanc", as bright, fragrant and as fresh. It has a difficult character and reveals its true potential only if handled in the right way.

Own-rooted plantings

The majority of vineyards is represented by own-rooted (ungrafted) plants which is very rare in industrial plantings on all continents (Chile is an exception). That does not mean that in Don region there is no phylloxera, however, thanks to a relatively high immunity of Don varieties to it, as well as specific features of covered viticulture, growing grapes on their own roots is possible.

Tsimlyansky Black
12,2 га
Tsimlyansky Black is a grape variety remarkable for its multipurposeness. In Don region it was traditionally used for production of sparkling and sweet wines, nowadays they are also joined by elegant rosé and dry red wines of different styles, including those vatted in oak.
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